How It Got Started

What You Need to Know

My desire to learn about food and eating healthy came from a broken place.

I was 13. I struggled on and off with a poor relationship with food and my body that ultimately led me into the arms of bulimia. For a long time, I didn't know how to feed my body and I didn't accept the one I was given. At the peak of my eating disorder, I was in school to be a Dietitian.

What drew me to my profession is what was broken in me and what I longed for to be healed. My education has provided me with a bounty of information, but it has been my own journey, experimentation, healing and real-life experience with my clients that has guided me to where I am today. 

My approach to nutrition and thus, my clients is full of compassion and highly individualized.

Telling someone what to eat isn't going to help if they don't eat it, or if they are fighting themself in the process. 

I take great care in understanding the why, how and what of a healthy lifestyle and how that pertains to each individual I connect with.